Spectral: The Revised Edition

There will be a revised edition of Spectral released soon after, if not alongside, the release of Astral. Spectral should’ve been Astral’s sequel all along, and now I’m remedying that.

It will be pushed as book 2 of the Ajur series and have heavy revisions compared with the original, not all of them I’m willing to talk about right now. I’ll just say it will pick up from where Astral leaves off.

Whenever I do release it, I’ll let you all know through Facebook and other social media when it’s on sale for free so you can get your copy if you already bought the original. I don’t want any of you having to buy it twice, especially after all the support you’ve given me.
Sorry for all the indecisiveness. I have problems, not gonna lie.

Spectral: The Revised Edition Sample Chapters (Link soon)

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