Life is a flame, struck into being by inexplicable forces, capable of offering warmth and light or ravaging entire worlds.

Astral is the work-in-progress “sister novel” to Spectral, detailing the events of Sky and Vale’s “past” or alternate lives on another world. Unlike Spectral, it is one hundred percent fantasy/science fiction and does not take place in the real world. I’ll do my best to keep anyone interested updated on how the work is coming along. Until anyone asks, I’ll have the first five chapters for sampling below. The working synopsis is old and doesn’t include any information on the first part of the book.

Working Synopsis
Skai is lost and weak when she is first brought into the world. She faces imprisonment, cruelty, and torture at the hands of a malevolent entity so alien that she has to wonder where she came from and if there is a place she can call home.

Just when she can take no more abuse, a profound strength swells in her―a power so rampant and terrifying that she must fight to keep it under her control. This newfound ability enables her to break free of her enslavement, but her combined rage and thirst for revenge threaten to transform her into something monstrous.


Sample Chapters

Astral: Chapter 1, “Aberration”

Astral: Chapter 2, “Trance”

Astral: Chapter 3, “Pointless”

Astral: Chapter 4, “Mystic”

Astral: Chapter 5, “Aija”