I’m finally getting over this damned cold I’ve had, which involves slowly reclaiming some of my desire to work on my stories.

I’ve been wanting to create more “speed paints”–I really enjoyed making those in the past. But I always have issues finding music I like, or with Youtube (understandably) removing songs I pick from my library. I know how copyright works, I just always hoped that it would be fine if I wasn’t 1). making money off it somehow, or 2). claiming the music was mine. But, you know, shit doesn’t work that way.

So I’ve been reluctant to make more videos even though I really, really want to. Then, a few days ago, my girlfriend was playing around with GarageBand and I thought, “Fuck it, why don’t I give it a shot?” Now I’m having fun making noob music and, hopefully soon, I’ll have all the songs I like for my videos.

From now on I’ll include a link to the songs from my page, but if you want to see what I have so far, here’s the playlist I’m putting together.

Now to get the hell out of this house and suck up some fresh air. I have a chapter to write tonight.

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