I really love Pride. It’s that one day where we can walk around and have nothing but a giant family around us wherever we go.

I didn’t wear any rainbows today. I usually don’t, because it’s not really my thing to dress up. I always got shit for that on Saint Patrick’s. But I noticed today, when I went out alone, that I gravitated to all the rainbow bearers knowing that they were safe.

Next year, I’ll wear something rainbow. So everyone knows I’m safe too.

If anybody I bumped into today comes across this, you all were great and really supportive when I tried to hand you things. I know most don’t like being handed things, so I was beyond nervous, and many of you made it much easier.

I promise I’ll have better information on here as soon as I get home and have time to reorder the website. I need a landing page! An about page! So much is missing.

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