Hi, I’m Duen. I wrote Spectral and am currently writing Astral. I also like to draw stuff, mostly images for my books.

I hide from the internet a lot. So if you haven’t seen me in awhile, it’s hopefully because I’m writing. Or at least trying to. Sending an email my way is easily the best way to contact me in times like these, so if you’ve got a question about the books or wanna know what I’ve been up to, don’t be shy. Just email me at duenauthor@gmail.com.

What have I been up to?

I’ve been working on Astral, and just recently finished the first (and probably longest) of its three parts:

I. Ao’jau’het (Innocence)

II. Ke’jau’as (Corruption)

III. Ne’aeya (Downfall)

Part 1 was a section I had never planned out ahead of time or plotted in anyway, and decided “last minute” that it needed to be part of the story. I am finally, finally done with it. After a long, agonizing amount of time. It’s done as of a few days ago (Oct. 2017)

Part 2 is something I’ve been writing on and off for as long as I can remember. Some of it was written as recently as directly before I wrote Spectral. Other chapters are much older and need heavy revisions and rewrites. But in general, I feel good about going into it.

Part 3, I assume, will be the shortest of the three. The ending.

So now you know where I’m at. If you want to know more, have a look around my boring site and check things out, or just email me. Thanks for visiting.